Nature Walk

Last beautiful Sunday started off with a K9 Brunch with Ody, Pam Jie Jie and Shuan Kor Kor. It happened that there was an adoption drive by ASD. There were a few puppies there for potential adopter to view. The puppies were so cute. There are also a few dogs too. I hope they will be able to find loving homes like us :)

After brunch, we went for another photo taking session. Although the weather was hot, we all had a great time.

Cobi: Yawns......where are all the fishes?
Ody: There.....don't you see them? I wonder if I can have sashimi?

Family Portrait of Ody

Ody: Look Ma, I'm on the top of the world

Cobi: Chey, I'm also on the top

Ody(singing): I'm Ody the sailor dog......

Cobi: Where is my water?

Mummies and us

Can someone call SPCA or AVA? Illegal poachers found!!!!
Cobi: I race you to the car
Ody: Haha....I'm faster than you! Woof!!!
~Till next time, stay tuned for more adventures of Cobi and Friends!!!~

Run Cobi Run

I know I posted this late. Mummy and Daddy have been hogging on the lappy playing Restaurant City and it doesn't even serve doggie food. Tsk Tsk Tsk!!

We went to SKC show on the 17th May and pawrents entered me for a fastest doggie race. I have always enjoyed running. Pawrents used to bring me to Bishan Dog Run to let me run around and it feels good after a good run.

The event has 2 categories. One for the small dogs and one for the big dog. There are 4 round of heats for the small dogs and the fastest dog in each heat will move into the finals. I manage to run first in my heat so naturally, I get to run again in the final.

In the first lane was Camry the JRT. I have seen her before in a gathering for SGNorth. In the second lane was another MS with a very cool pink Mohawk cut. I'm in the third lane and in the fourth lane is a very cute Chihuahua.

On the count of three, the race started and off we go. I was doing fine till I decided to 'stray' to the next lane as the lady got yummy treats. However, I still managed to come in second :)

Pawrents were so proud of me that we went to K9 for a mini celebration. Thanks to DoMo and all the MS pals for their support and congratulations :) I'm so looking forward to the next SKC show.

Me and my prize

Where is the champagne?
Are we done already?

Treat Day

Woof!! It's treat making day again. Mummy is hooked on making good dehydrated treats for me. She's been trying out with different ingredients. Aunty G and Aunty Unicorn also came over with their furkids.

Laying out all the meat onto the dehydrator

Time to load the trays.......
and higher........
and finally.....10 trays tall

With the treats in the dehydrator to dry, time to have fun.
Wang: Are the treats ready?
Mummy: Sorry dear, the treats need to dry for 10 hrs.
Wang: Oh....nevermind. I go have fun first.
Ah Niu Mei in the arms of Aunty Unicorn
Ah Niu Ge having a good time chewing
Sulking Sweetie

A surprise Ah Niu Mei
Can you spot the difference?
It was a fun day. I'm so looking forward to the treats. Woof!!

Fun Filled Weekend

It's the weekend again. I love the weekend cos there is always a lot of activities. This weekend started off with a morning swim @ Sentosa Tanjong Beach with some MS kakis.

It was fun till Uncle Gary put me on a surfboard and left me drifting off to some unknown island :( Luckily, I managed to jump "board" and swim back to shore.

In the evening, the Yishun gang came over to our place. Boy, I miss Wang Wang and Zoe as I have not seen them for quite some time. I also had a good time chasing Ah Mo and sniffing Ah Do. As the camera battery was low, Mummy didn't manage to take photos for us. It was a fun night :)

Today, pawrents decided to bring me go for a offroading photography session. Here are some of the photos taken. More photos are available in Daddy's facebook.

A lovely sun set and time to head off for dinner @ Urban Pooch
Honey Lamb Cube
Iced Chocolate and Iced Mocca
Cream of Mushroom
Black Pepper Chicken thigh
BBQ Pork Chops
It was a fun filled weekend with great fur and hooman company. I'm so looking forward to the next weekend.

Barkday Pawty

Ody & I had a Barkday Pawty on the 3rd of May. Mummy and Pam Jie Jie have been excited about this pawty and the preparation started months back.

Due to the swine flu, the venue of the pawty was changed last minute. Phew, so happy that the pawty was not cancelled.

Here are some of the photos taken:

Food, food, food.....

Momo: Onee chan....the chicken wings....quick while pawrents are busy looking at the camera
Domo: I'm trying.....just a bit more.....I wish I'm longer :(
Guess the number of cookies in the jar
All the pawrents are busy counting
Here come the barkday cake
Time for a group photo
Zaedy: How come I don't get to cut the cake?
Ody: Cos I'm the barkday boy :)
Now my turn to cut the cake
Thank you all for the presents :)
Time for me to go LaLa Land