Home Alone

Pawrents went to TNP survival challenge last week and poor me was left home alone with Yi Yi (Auntie) who came over to doggy sit me.

Mummy felt bad leaving me alone for the weekend that she bought me a birthday cake and a pie from US Doggie Bakery to celebrate my birthday on Friday

My Dog Bowl Birthday cake

Yummy Lamb Pie

Me and my cake
Mummy: Oh no.....look at your beard
Cobi: Don't I look good with pink beard? Woof!!

In The Loving Memory of Kenny

Today while Mummy and I were taking our daily evening walk, we heard a very sad news.

One of my playmate, Kenny, has moved on to the rainbow end three week ago due to heart failure. Kenny is a 12 years old cream mini pom with a young heart.

I remember the first time I met Kenny, I couldn't believe that he's 12 years old. He looked so young. He always greeted me with a smile on his face and a cheerful bark.

Mummy do not have a photo of Kenny but we will always remember Kenny and his cheerful smile in our heart. Stay strong Kenny Mummy.

Sentosa and K9 Cafe !

Daddy and Mommy brought me out to Sentosa on saturday ! No wonder I felt something different in the morning ! The day began with a drive to pickup my good friends Wilbur, Sweety and Kassidy! It was fun playing with Wilbur in my little corner in daddy's car...hehehehehee

Luckily the weather was good when we reached Sentosa and Mommy and Aunty G managed to "reserved" a pavilion to wait for my other friends to come !!......Today I will be playing with my ex-classmates from my OB class !! Ebi, Ema, Rocky, Tessie, Ozzie, Ody. Not forgetting Do Do, Mo Mo and Princess !!

Mummy kept bringing me into the water when I was already so tired....all Daddy's fault...I kept jumping on him to save me...but he just kept talking photos of the pretty ladies in Bikinis !!

"Ber" looking for me because my daddy dognapped him !!

Mo Mo learning to swim :-)

Do Do wants to play with me in the water but Mo Mo says NO ! woof woof !!

Finally...thats me doing a full lap of the water without my life vest !! Daddy and Mommy was so pround of me !!
After the Sentosa outing, Daddy and Mommy brought me to my favourite doggy hangout place for some chow time !!..I love the lambs and Vegs that Mommy ordered for me. I am so tired after the whole's days event....I slept the whole of today...I wonder if the rest of my good friends did the same !.....Hope Daddy and Mommy bring me out to Sentosa more often..I think I look good in the life vest !....woof !

Wow...how come Daddy's burger got fries and i only got some lamb and vegatable ?? Not fair !!
For more photos of our outing, check out on Daddy's facebook

Ody's stay over & Class 95 Dog Walk

Pawrents have been busy these few days, cos we have a guest staying with us. It's Ody. He's here for a short stay over while his mummy is out of town.

Ody loves playing with his blanket.

Ody: Come on......play with me
Cobi: Nay......I prefer to lie down to watch all the action

While pawrents were away at work, we had a great time roaming the house and having barking competition. We also enjoyed the morning and evening walk together.

Here are some more photos taken at home during the weekend.

On Sunday, we went to Class 95 Dog walk with Aunty G and her lovely tinies. We reached there around 8.30 am and there wasn't any parking lot left. So Daddy drop us off first while he looked for a parking lot.

On the way to the park, we met Serene Jie Jie and Emma. As usual, Emma greeted us. Upon reaching the park, the flag off started and we followed the crowd. Along the way, we saw many doggies and we were so excited.

Ody: I wanna follow this beautiful Jie Jie home
Cobi: Don't forget about me.....we are in this together.

Aunty G and her tinies were the attraction of the day. Many people stop to take a look at the pram full of tinies.

After the walk we met up the the MS pals (Sniper, Julius, Ebi, Emma, Jamie, Mitchel, Rocky and Tassie) at the dog run. We also saw 2 puppies MS, Coffee and Holicks.



Uncle Gary entered Julius in the Most Good Looking Dog Competition. And Julius came in third.

Here are some more photos taken during the Class 95 Dog Walk.