Spa Time

Last Sat, my pawrents brought me to Pet Emporium. Another party?

Nope.....this time I'm there for a Dead Sea Mud Bath treatment.

Dead Sea mud is actually mud from the Dead Sea and is rich in minerals. As the mud is of fine grains, applying the mud actually helps to exfoliates the skin and to remove toxins and impurities from the skin. It’s also help to improve the blood circulation.

Having read the benefits of Dead Sea mud, pawrents decided to let me have a go at it.

Here are some photos taken by Samantha Jie Jie

After shower, time for brushing

All done....time for window shopping

Should I get this or that?

Pawrents notice that my flaky skin improves right after the treatment. They also notice that my coat is now more shiny and darker. I also enjoyed the whole process very much. Great services from Sheryl and Samantha Jie Jie. I'm looking forward to the next visit to Pet Emporium.

Bonding Time

It's been awhile since Daddy meet up with his offroading buddies. So they decided to have a small meetup at K9 on 23rd Aug.

We also met Baubles and Coffee at K9. I met them once at the MS rooftop gathering but we didnt manage to sniff each other butt :) They both are so good looking.

Here are some photos taken:

Cobi: Hi Baubles!!

Sweet looking Baubles




Coffee: Hi, let's play
Trixie: Okie....let's play statue!

Daddy's back

Finally, after one week with one slave, Daddy was back from his business trip on last Friday. And the first thing he did was to bring me to Sentosa Tanjong Beach for a swim on the very next day.

Baby Clover went with us too. It was her first beach outing. Boy, was she excited with all the sand and sea.

Here are some of the photos taken

Me and Daddy

The two beach explorer, Bon Bon & Emma

Casper the Corgi. We met him at the beach and he's one of my classmate at Obedience Training

Clover's first swim

Clover enjoys sun bathing more than swimming. BOL

BonBon, our life guard on duty.

BonBon: I hereby declare this sand castle as mine.

Dogs @ play (Rocky and Ebi) and spectator (Emma)

Trim and Neat!!

Sorry for not updating sooner......My daddy went for a week long overseas business trip to the land of black gold thus I'm stuck with my mummy. And I was quite busy making my only human slave work hard for me...BOL

Anyway, here are some photos taken after Toby's and my grooming.

Both of us invading the human blanket and sofa

Smile for the camera

When can we have the treats? Our necks are getting tired!!

Toby: Don't I look ham ham after grooming?

Toby: My side view looks good too!!!

Cobi: BOL, I look slimmer after the grooming!!

Cobi: Bye Toby. I'm missing you already :( Hope you enjoyed your stay here.

We work for our treats!!

Morning Walk @ ECP

Aug 9th was the National Day of Singapore and also our grooming day :(

Since our grooming session is in the afternoon, pawrents decided to bring us to East Coast Park(ECP) for a morning walk before heading off to the groomer. Both of us were excited about going to ECP for the walk but not so keen about going to the groomer. BOL.

Here are some photos of our lovely morning walk

Toby: Let's go this way....
Cobi: Hmm......but I prefer to go straight

Cobi: Looks......a pretty MS gal!!!
Toby: Where?

Toby: I wanna me keep a look out?
Cobi: Okey dokey

Cobi: Now my turn to pee....
Toby: No worries bro, I will help you look out.

Toby: and shade

Toby: I think I wanna camp here tonight. BOL

Cobi: I need a rest too!!

Let's enjoy the sea breeze together :)

Stay tune to our after grooming looks!!! BOL

Stay Over & Party Time!!

This week is an exciting week. Toby the Miniature Schnauzer is staying over for a few days while his pawrents are away.

After his pawrents drop him off, Daddy and Mummy brought us out to a party to celebrate the opening of The Pet Emporium. Boy, I love party. Lots of foods and doggy pals to play with.

Here are some photos taken

The stairway to The Pet Emporium

Butt smelling time!!
Yummy Food!!









Sheryl Jie Jie & Cassie



Arson checking out Momo

Me waiting for food!!

Tamy, Toby's sister. She's staying with Ebi & Emma in the meantime.

Me taking a break


We all had a great time at the party. Nice to meet some new doggy pals and catch up with some old pals. Thanks to Sherry Jie Jie and family for hosting us and congratulation to The Pet Emporium.

After the party, Daddy decided to bring us out to check out a nice offroad playground, Tuas Offroad Park.

We had a great time going through all the trails and Toby did quite well for a offroad first timer. He enjoyed himself so much that he decided to jump the front passenger seat for a better view. BOL.