I'm back!!

Yipee.....Mummy finally managed to come up with a new skin for my blog. There are still some touching up. But Mummy being a com idiot, I think she will need some time to figure it out. In the meantime please bear with us for the moment.

Since I have not update my blog for such a long time, I will update some past events over the next few posts.

On the 30th Aug, Baby Clover and I were invited to attend 2 paw pals, Pony's and Teddy's barkday celebration. The celebration was held in a newly opened doggy cafe Give A Dog A Bone. Although the place was a bit small but we all had a great time. Here are some photos taken on that day. Enjoy :)

Give A Dog A Bone Cafe
Nice deco
Our delicious Happy Bark Meal
The Barkday cake for Doggies
Barkday Cupcake for Hoomans
Cake cutting time
Here are some of the guests at the celebration

Update in progress!!!

Howdy to all my paw pals.....in case you guys were wondering why I have not been updating my blog.....Mummy will be revamping my blog design……do watch out for it!!!