Reunion Dinner

On the eve of the Lunar New Year, it is a tradition for the whole family to get together to have reunion dinner together.

This year we had the reunion dinner at Grandpawrent's place. The humans had something called "steamboat" which doesn't look like a boat to me =.="

Mummy: Steamboat is actually hot pot and is traditionally eaten by the people from the northern china during winter.

Anyway, while the humans enjoyed their "steamboat", Baby Clover and I got a special treat from Geraldine Yi Yi (Mummy's sister).

Here are some photos of our reunion dinner

Steam Salmon with cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. Yummy!!

Waiting for our dinner

Baby Clover: Smells good. Can I eat now?

Time to tuck in!

I love salmon :)

Baby Clover saving some salmon for supper

We enjoyed our reunion dinner very much and finished it in record time. The humans also had a great time catching up with each other. How I wish I can have reunion dinner everyday. Woof!

It's the Tiger Year!!!

Happy Lunar New Year to all.

According to the chinese zodiac, this year is the year of the Tiger. Pawrents and I hereby wishing all a blessed and prosperous Tiger Year !!!

Post Christmas and New Year

Hi pals, sorry for not updating my blog for some time. Mummy have been quite busy with her work after her trip back from Hong Kong.

Dec 2009 was a great month. Although Daddy was not in town to celebrate the X'mas, we still managed to enjoy the season holidays with all the partying. Both pawrents and me had also receive many presents and gifts from my doggy pals and their pawrents.

Here are some photos that pawrents took

Look at all the present under the X'mas tree

Me and all the presents and gifts

All mine?

Besides the wonderful presents and gifts from my doggy pals, I've also received 2 parcels from overseas. One is from UK while the other is from US. They are from my dearest blog pals JD & Max and Nellie & Calvert. I was so excited about the parcels that I can't wait to open them.

What's this?

Is there food inside?

Woohoo!!!! A bag of goodies

Toys, Bone and a lovely X'mas Card from Nellie & Calvert
Advert Calendar from JD & Max. Yummy!!

I'm so touched and grateful to have such wonderful pals both in this sunny island and worldwide. Thank you to all my pals for all the presents and gifts.