Archie the Miniature Schnauzer

Daddy came back from his business trip and I found a stowaway in his luggage.

Introducing Archie. Archie doesn't play and bark, I was hoping that he will. He also has a long tail just like some of my pals.

Here are some photos of Archie

Meeting Archie for the first time

Archie the Salt and Pepper Minature Schnauzer

Archie and Me

Archie and Me again's done!!!'s finally done. Mummy finally frame up my paw imprint with a nice photo taken by Sushi's Daddy.

Here is the final table-top frame.

Frame on TV console

Mummy like this photo very much. She says I looked very happy :)

My paw imprint with my name

Paw imprint frame
Close up of the Table Top Frame

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If you are interested or any enquires, do drop a doggy mail to Mummy at

Fun Time with Mummy

Daddy is out of town again. While he is away, Mummy decided to do something interesting with me.

She just got a Pearhead Table Top Frame. What is so special about this frame? Well, it's a frame that not only allows Mummy frame up my beautiful photo but also a paw imprint of me. The clay used is a non-toxic material thus there is no worries about me licking my paw after our handiwork.

Here are some of the photos of the process to get my paw imprint :)

Pearhead Table Top Frame

The clay and the tools

Aluminium foil use to prevent the clay from sticking on the surface and to keep it clean

Knead the clay till it's soft. Gotta make sure that those hands are clean ;)

Place the soft clay on the foil

Time to roll flat the clay

Rollin' good times

Now the clay is nice and flat

Time for me to 'sign' my autograph

Perfect imprint

Time to trim off the unwanted edges


Time to let the clay dry

It was fun doing handiwork with Mummy :)

The final outcome is still not ready yet as the clay takes about 2-3days to dry. I will post the photo of the final outcome once it's ready. Do watch out for it.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park Walk

It was a bright and sunny day on the 20th Sep for a walk in the MacRitchie Reservoir Park. We met up with our doggy pals for a nice morning walk.

As MacRitchie Reservoir Park is a nature reserve, there are certain area which we furries are not allowed :(

Never the less, we all had a great walk and a great time sniffing each other out.

Here are some photos taken

7 furries on a beach: From Left to Right
Me, Shadow, Tessie, Ozzy, Rocky, Emma and Ebi

Look at our long tongues :P


Rocky, Ebi and Me!!

Happy Me :)






Group Photos, from Youngest to Oldest
Shadow, Rocky, Emma, Me, Ebi, Tessie and Ozzy

After the walk, we went to K9 cafe for our lunch. Mummy got me a meat loaf from USDB and I shared it with Shadow as I had already taken my breakfast. It was sure a fun day out with all my doggy pals.

Here are some photos taken @ K9 cafe

Happy Rocky

Lovely Shadow



Offroad Bistro

Pawrents brought me to the Offroad Bistro & Bar on the 13th Sep. The dog friendly bistro is located in Pasir Ris Park, just beside the Gallop Stables. It's a great place to chill out after a walk in the park.

Uncle Lionel, the owner of the bistro and Daddy's offroad buddy, also has a miniature schnauzer name Pepper. I met Pepper a few times during Daddy's offroad events. He's a great looking miniature schnauzer.

Here are some photos taken

Offroad Bistro & Bar

Welcome Note from Offroad Bistro & Bar

Me with a MT

Gaint Doggies??