It's a lovely Sunday morning and great for cycling. So pawrents together with Geraldine Yi Yi brought Baby Clover and me to the East Coast Park.

They put us in the basket attached to the bicycle. Baby Clover fits just nice into the basket. But I'm kind of too big to fit in :(

Baby Clover

Me in the basket :( Time to get me a poochie carrier :P

We cycled to Bedok Jetty and took a rest there

Baby Clover looking at all the new things with excitement

Clover: You calling me?

That's me looking messy again.....time to go grooming soon

Clover: I wanna smell your butt
Cobi: me!!

Time to take photo.....Look into the camera and smile

Stay over @ Grandpawrent's

As most of you knows that my pawrents went for a roadtrip in Australia two weeks back. While they were away, I got to stay over at Baby Clover's house.

Who is Baby Clover? She's the lastest addition to Grandpawrent's household. She's a 4mth old salt n pepper MS. She is a bundle full of energy and we all loves her to bits.

Clover: Woof!!! Hi everyone :) Anyone wanna play with me?

Here are some photos of my stayover at Grandpawrent's place

Cobi: Daddy, Mummy, I wanna go DownUnder too. I promise to be good :(

Cobi: Sigh.......why can't Mummy apply a passport for me?

Clover: Look what I've found.....a big worm....or is it a snake?

Cobi: Hey, that is my snake

Cobi: I'm learning to be an owl

Clover: Cobi Kor Kor, why are you at the door?

Cobi: I'm waiting for Daddy and Mummy to come pick me. Can't wait to see them :)

Here's a video of us playing.

I had a great time staying over. Can't wait for the next stay over :)

A Dash in the Park

Cobi: This place looks familar.....hmmm.....
Daddy: We have been here before......try recalling

Cobi (thinking hard): I remembered!!! It's the Hort Park

The weather looks great today and pawrents decided to bring me to the Hort Park for a nice workout.

Daddy: Hey, wait up.
Cobi: Come on.....lets go!!

Cobi: Not photo taking again :(

Since it is a working day, there are not much people in the park, so pawrents decided to off leash me for a nice run.

Cobi: Yippee.....I'm free

Cobi (Sniffing): Hmm.....this seems like a good spot to.....


Now after pooing......time to pee!!

As the weather was quite hot, we took a rest under a shelter. The cool water from the cooler was nice and thrist quenching, just the thing for a hot weather. We stayed in the shelter for an hour.

Cobi: Finally, shade.......water please :)
Cobi: Can we go now?

After water parade, it's time to make a move again. The weather turned cloudy and perfect to continue the walk.

Time to stop by and smell some plants......BOL

Cobi: Check out the looks just like the water from the cooler
Mummy: That's a fountain.....not a cooler =.=

We walk along the Alexandra Arch and into the Forest walk. The Forest walk is stepless walkway among the canopy of the trees of Telok Blangah Hill. The height of walkway ranges from 3 meters to 18 meters.

Cobi: Look mummy, I'm walking above the trees.....

Cobi: It's getting scary.....let's walk faster

Here are some other photos taken by Daddy

Mummy & Cobi

Daddy & Cobi (taken by Mummy)

We enjoyed the walk very much although the weather was hot. I hope pawrents will bring me to the Henderson Wave the next time :P

Love in the Air?

Love is in the air?

BOL! Nope, we are not getting married. This is Princess the MS.

We, together with another 4 pairs of furries couples, were invited to take part in a "Dog Walk" for a wedding fair held in Suntec Shopping Mall on the 28th Jun.

Poor Dodo has to dress up as the groom although she's a gal. As Daddy was the handler and Mummy was in charge of changing our outfits, Uncle Brian was our offical photographer. Click here for more photos of the event.

For the official website of the event, click here.

Although my pawrents don't dress me up, but it was a great experience for both me and my pawrents. We all enjoyed the process :)


Woohoo~~~I'm back. Finally pawrents are back from their down under trip. Here are the updates on some of my adventures back in the month of Jun.

Aunty G organise a BBQ for the SGNorthers at East Coast Park on the 27th Jun 09. Met some new friends like Bibi the toy poodle, Faith the Pomeranian, Miss Oreo the Yorkie and last but not least, the latest addition of Aunty G's army of tinies, Cutie the Yorkie.

We were first to arrive and after that all the rest of my paw friends came. While our pawrents were waiting for the food to arrive, Aunty G began grooming Bibi. Bibi is a very special toy poodle. She had nerves disorder and couldn't walk. But she is very clever and knows to bark for Aunty Candy when she needs to go to the potty. She's is fortunate to have Aunty Candy who see her beauty beyond her disability :)

Aunty G giving Bibi a good shave :)

Here are some of the photos taken

Dodo: Are the food here?

Cutie: Yawns~~It's morning already? Time for breakfast.....where's the food?

Cobi: I will keep a look out for the food

Momo: Me too!!!

Tang Tang: Who cares about the food.......let's enjoy the breeze
Oreo: How come I don't feel the breeze?
Cutie: If I act cute, do you think the food will come faster?

Sweetie: Yuck!!......I thought that was salty's a smelly slipper

Oreo: Finally, food!!! Please don't look at me like that :(

Momo: Can I have some? Please?
Momo: I promise I will be good :)

Dodo: Me too!! Can I have some too?
Dodo: How can you resist such cute face?
Sweetie: Huh? U talking about me?
Tang Tang: Nope.....I think Dodo is talking about me
Zeady: Ha ha......I'm the cutest of all!

It was a great BBQ with great food (hooman food) and great company. Last but not least, a group photo :)