All about my people

My blog pal Oskar had come up with a great idea. It's All About Your People Day where we furries give credit to our people for doing a wonderful job in upkeeping us :) You can read all about Oskar's people and support his great idea by clicking the image below.

So this weekend, I shall blog about my slaves pawrents a.k.a humans.

My pawrents and I live in the sunny island of Singapore in the northern heartland of Yishun town. Singapore is a small country, scarce land and highly populated.

My daddy works in the IT industry and due to his work nature he needs to travel quite a lot. He loves to go off-roading, and sometimes I get to come along too. But unfortunately there is no much places in Singapore available for him to go off-roading so he goes to the neighbouring country Malaysia for this activity and I couldn't tag along any more. Daddy never had a dog before. I'm his first dog :) 

My Mummy is working as an engineer. Her hobbies is travelling and cooking. She loves to cook but hate the washing after cooking so most of the washing is done by Daddy. Mummy loves dogs and had a pomeranian once for 6 months when she was young. Her family gave up the pomeranian when they  move house and had to bunk in with their relatives as their new house was not yet ready then. Ever since, Mummy hope to get a dog when she get married.

So when Mummy and Daddy got their love nest in 2004, Mummy had been pestering Daddy to get her a dog. But her previous job requires her to travel to China quite often so the plan was shelved for some years till she changed to this present job. So in 2008, Mummy saw an adoption ad in the internet and "tricked" Daddy to go down to view the dog. So they went down with the intention to view the dog, but after looking at the handsome me, the rest are history :)

Birthday Surprise!!

Yesterday was Mummy's birthday. Daddy was planning a surprise for Mummy and he roped me in to help him :)

As usual, Daddy brought me down for my morning walk while Mummy prepared my breakfast. When we finish our walk, Daddy tied Mummy's birthday present to my collar at the lift lobby to our house and instructed me to go find Mummy once we reached home.

At first Mummy didn't see the present until she tried to take off my collar. She was very surprise and pleased that she gave me a bigger portion for my breakfast ^^

Hee hee, Daddy wouldn't be able to surprise Mummy without my help. See how important I am .

I'm the very important present bearer :)

Close up of Mummy's birthday present from Daddy.

After giving Mummy's her birthday present, Daddy showed her something from the newspapers. It's a birthday announcement from Daddy and us ^^ Happy Birthday Mummy!

P.S Mummy would like to thank all her friends for all the well wishes ^^