A Dash of Salt n Pepper

Woof! My name is Cobi, not the 1992 Olympics Mascot. He is a Catalan Sheepdog whereas I'm a salt n pepper Miniature Schnauzer.
I was adopted by my pawrents on the 26 April 2008. Here are some photos of me and my doggy pals.

@ Botanic Garden on 27 Oct 08

My Doggy Pals & Me @ Botanic Garden on 23 Nov 08

@ Marina Barrage on 22 Feb 09

My Doggy Pals & Me @ Marina Barrage on 22 Feb 09

@ Hort Park on 7 Mar 09 with DoDo, MoMo and Ody
Below are some of Mummy and Daddy's Favourite Photos of Me

Do stay tune for more of my adventures with my doggy pals.